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WATCH: Lady Gaga Hit On Head With Object During Toronto Concert

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Subsequently receiving the stage after impeding her outstanding foreseen performance at Chromatica Ball, American singer Lady Gaga had been in an incident during one of her performances in Toronto, Canada.

Gaga was hit in the head by a thrown object while performing on stage last weekend. It was a stuffed doll thrown from the audience, but the singer continued singing “Hold My Hand” and seemed unbothered.

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A video posted on Twitter by user “jomaticaaa” went viral. The video shows something was coming at Lady Gaga at speed and hitting her forehead while she was singing. This incident has radiated a continuous discussion regarding the protocols of fans at concerts this summer.

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A fan threw a Dr. Simi doll at Lady Gaga

It appeared that the actress was not hurt when something hit her in the head on stage last Saturday, 6th August as reported by PinkNews.

Though it is still unclear from where and when this video was taken but many unconfirmed posts from fans online suggest that it was at a show in Mexico and that it was an expanding tradition gone wrong. Yet several commenters argued that throwing anything toward the stage is dangerous and unkind to the performers.

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It seemed Gaga was not harmed as hit by some kind of stuffed doll. It was a famous Dr. Simi doll that is widespread in Mexico to promote a local chain of pharmacies as claimed by some commenters. They said in recent years it has become a way of connecting with artists by throwing these ubiquitous dolls on stage has become an unspoken concert tradition in Mexico. Even many seem to write encouraging messages on the dolls in Sharpie.

But obviously, it is very dangerous and risky throwing objects onto the stage in the middle of a concert mainly when they hit the head of a performer. There have been other incidents too this summer which was not harmless as this one. For instance, rapper Kid Cudi left the stage early as fans repeatedly threw things at him during his performance on stage just a few weeks ago. This happened in Florida at the Rolling Loud music festival.

“Yo, I will walk off this stage if you all throw one more f-ing thing up here, I will leave, I will leave right now,” Cudi said at that time, “Throw one more f-ing thing on this stage and I’ll walk off, I’m not f-ing playing. I’m not f-ing playing, you will ruin it for everybody. I’ll f-ing leave If I get hit with one more f-ing thing, if I see one more f-ing thing on this f-ing stage, I’m leaving. Don’t f- with me.”

In the case of Kid Cudi, the objects which were thrown were not stuffed soft toys but mostly there was trash and partially filled water bottles, which could have been much more harmful to him.

The previous month Lady Gaga went viral for a similar story that seemed to be true. At one of her other concerts, someone threw something on stage, but it was somehow blocked. For days social media was baffled by a video of the object hitting an “invisible wall.”

These days concerts have been full of undisciplined events and crowds are not easy to control, but social media commenters are still believing this summer a pattern is popping up in particular.  Gaga has not commented on this video so far.

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