MJF agrees to lend money to Baron Corbin, only if a condition is fulfilled

mjf baron corbin
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Maxwell Jacob Freidman(MJF), the AEW star recently seems to have come forward to weigh in the financial aid to WWE Baron Corbin, who apparently has hit the rock bottom.

MJF states he will provide a loan to Baron Corbin

MJF agrees to lend money to Baron Corbin, only if a condition is fulfilled - THE SPORTS ROOM

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MJF has a cocky approach not only towards the fans but also to the fellow stars of AEW. He has been witnessed tangling in a war of words with Baron Corbin in the past and he does not usually helps when a person is in crisis. But now it turns out MJF is lending a hand to the former WWE King of The Ring.

Baron Corbin is completely broke after losing the King of The Ring crown to Shinsuke Nakamura last month. He is unable to meet the ends of life and is in immediate need of money. He was also caught stealing money from WWE Raw star and Lucha House Party member, Lince Dorado.

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MJF posted a tweet to heap praise on fellow AEW star Shawn Spears. He wrote: “Shawn spears is a god. Don’t @ me.”

In response, Baron Corbin wrote that the former Tye Dillinger was “one of the best” in the wrestling business.

The Pinnacle leader took note of the Tweet from Baron Corbin and highlighted Corbin’s financial woes and stated that he is ready to loan the SmackDown star some money. However, MJF also made it clear that he would charge interest against the loaned amount.

Check out the conversation between MJF and Baron Corbin below:

Baron Corbin had previously revealed that, after losing his crown, he had lost his wife’s car, his investments, and his savings, and was close to having his home confiscated. On multiple occasions, he has been seen asking for money from fellow WWE stars. But that did not actually help him as the circumstances continued getting worse day by day.

He had also attempted to get into the WWE Universal Championship picture which would have seen him fighting Roman Reigns for a huge price but he failed as it was John Cena who signed the contract instead for a title match at SummerSlam pay-per-view.

We will see if Corbin agrees to get the loan from MJF.