Miro reflects on his lacklustre stint in WWE

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AEW star Miro, who was previously known as Rusev in WWE recently spoke about his run in WWE. He said that he became a ‘circus bear’ in the company. The AEW star had agreed to the storyline ideas which WWE came up with and he wanted to make the best of every situation.

Miro recalls his time in WWE


Miro recently had an interview with The New York Post, where he talked about a mistake he made in WWE. He said that he should not have agreed to everything WWE would pitch. That had led him to become a ‘circus bear.’

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He said: “So if you give me something, I’ll make it the best (of it) and that’s the problem. I won’t be happy until I’m the talk of the whole business, of course. But somewhere along the lines, and this is going to tie it into it, I kept saying yes. I became this circus bear.”

He had a great stint in NXT and even when he got the main roster call up. He had a undefeated streak and was a dominant force. However, his career slumped eventually. He added:

“I was a killer. I came in 2013-14 (to NXT) and killed everybody and then they gave me a little bit of something else. I showed how good I was at that, too. I became like a circus bear. The more I said yes, the more crap I have to eat.”

He had started his major feud with John Cena and had won the United States Championship on three occasions.

His final days in WWE saw a controversial storyline where his real-life wife Lana was in a romantic on-screen relationship with Bobby Lashley. Miro had lambasted the storyline as it did not suit his personality. He was released from the company in April last year during the budget cuts amid COVID-19

Few months later he joined AEW in September of last year. He was introduced as The Best Man of Kip Sabian. However, their fridnship broke in last month when he attacked his tag team partner, Sabian. Miro is now the current TNT Champion, which he won after he defeated Darby Allin earlier this month.