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Mick Foley recalls Vince McMahon never wanting to sign him

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WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently appeared at Inside The Ropes, where he spoke on a variety of topics, including his debut with WWE in 1996.


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Foley had problems with WCW, not because the fans did not appreciate the pain taken and given by Cactus Jack, but because he had problems with Ric Flair, who was a major booker for the company. Foley and Flair has went on to insult each other in their respective autobiographies.

After roaming around for some time, Mick Foley received a chance to have a contract with WWF (now WWE) and came to know that the boss himself, Vince McMahon, was not a fan of his gimmick.

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“I was not supposed to be a star in WWE. I heard in good faith that Mr. McMahon was not a fan of mine, at all. The direct quote was, ‘Cactus Jack will never step foot inside of a WWE ring’. As Mick Foley, I stepped inside as Mankind,” The Hardcore Legend said.

According to Foley, WWE only signed him because of the constant hype created by long-time commentator and scout Jim Ross, who would mention him in every opportunity possible, be it a booking meeting or a normal chat.

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McMahon did give in, but only with the condition of covering up Foley’s face. “Even then it was just a concession to Jim Ross, he would bring up my name at every booking meeting as potential talent. Finally Mr. McMahon in the fall of 1995 slammed his hand down on a table and said, ‘Alright, I’ll bring him in but I’m covering up his face,” Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy continued.

Foley also revealed some information about the Mankind character and the famous mask. According to him, the mask was one of the prototypes from the days when The Undertaker had to wear a face mask to cover up a nose injury. Foley also credits his rivalry with The Undertaker to make him successful in the company.

“One of the prototypes they did not use was the mask that ended up becoming the Mankind mask. Not only would I have not gotten my break had it not been for The Undertaker, had I not been paired with The Undertaker that initial run, I might be any number of places but there’s no way I’m here 23 years after the fact,” he said.

Foley believes The Undertaker to be the greatest performer the wrestling world has ever seen, with an unmatched talent to maintain kayfabe, i.e, suspension of disbelief.

“To me, he’s the greatest character driven performer that the wrestling business has ever seen. The suspension of disbelief is so important in professional wrestling and he made it so easy to do that. I’d come running for the T.V. when The Undertaker was on,” he added.

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