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McLaren Insiders Anticipate Performance Surge at Imola Following Successful ‘Upgrade Package’ in Miami

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McLaren, the British Formula 1 team, has been making waves in the 2024 season. With Lando Norris securing his debut win, the team is eager to build on their success. Their recent upgrade package, unveiled at the F1 Miami Grand Prix, aims to enhance performance and close the gap to the front-runners.

Lando Norris is the sole driver running the complete upgrade package. His impressive debut win in Miami has fueled excitement within the team. The upgrades are substantial, and McLaren’s team principal, Andrea Stella, confirms that Oscar Piastri will receive the second part of the package for the next race at Imola.

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“The upgrade that we brought was ginormous in size,” , Lando Norris’ race engineer Will Joseph explained on the F1 Nation Podcast. “[It was an] extraordinary effort by everyone back at McLaren to bring all those upgrades out to Miami.

“It was unfortunate we couldn’t put every single piece on both cars, but each car had a good amount of upgrades. Oscar [Piastri] will receive the second part of that package when we get to Imola If anything the upgrade favours some of the traits of Imola more than it does Miami. So everyone’s very very excited about what this could hold for the future.”

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Zak Brown

Why is McLaren optimistic about Imola?

The circuit layout plays to the strengths of the MCL38. Unlike Miami, which features numerous low-speed corners, Imola offers more medium to high-speed turns. The upgrade should perform even better in these conditions, potentially giving McLaren an edge over its rivals.

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Joseph draws parallels with last year’s Austrian Grand Prix. Back then, McLaren introduced upgrades and performed well. As the car consistently delivers, confidence grows, and the team gains a deeper understanding of how to exploit its capabilities.

McLaren isn’t resting on its laurels. They’re already working on the next round of upgrades. The win in Miami validates their decisions, and the team remains ambitious. As they chase Red Bull, every step matters.

10-Element Upgrade Package

This includes,

  1. Front Wing: An entirely new front wing design.
  2. Front Suspension: Revised geometry for improved handling.
  3. Front Corner: Enhancements to optimize aerodynamics.
  4. Floor Body: A completely revised floor for better downforce.
  5. Sidepod Inlet: Improvements to airflow management.
  6. Coke/Engine Cover: Upgrades to engine cooling and efficiency.
  7. Cooling Louvres: Enhancements to regulate temperatures.
  8. Rear Suspension: Adjustments for stability and balance.
  9. Rear Corner: Fine-tuning for cornering performance.
  10. Beam Wing: A new rear wing design.

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