Matt Cardona wants released WWE stars to hustle

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Impact Wrestling star Matt Cardona recently opened up about the WWE stars who got released over the last month. As many as 16 main roster stars were let go by the company.

It is noted that few stars have already started booking for indie shows and the former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman is charging 5-figures.

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Matt Cardona opens up on the release

Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona who was released from WWE last year spoke about his personal experience after his release came up. He recently spoke to Busted Open Radio, and revealed his transition from being a WWE star to indie wrestler.

He said that calendars are not going to fill themselves and everyone will need to hustle to get those dates for the indie shows.

He said: “This can be the best thing for you, if you do the work. If you, you know, bet on yourself and take a chance on yourself and hustle. But if you just think all these promoters are going to book you and you’re going to get all these pay days, that’s probably not going to happen.”

He noted that nothing will be handed to the stars and they have to work their way up to make the name for themselves. Even if it is a podcast or their own merchandise, they will have to work on it. He motivated the stars to utilize the opportunity and bring out the best out of it.

He said: “You’re going to have to work for it and hustle and make a name for yourself again. And make your own merch and, whether it be a side project like a podcast or something, you’ve got to make it for yourself. Because nobody’s going to hand it to you.”

Matt Cardona said they have to give their best shot to this chance irrespective of their success or failure.

The former WWE stars like Aleister Black,Murphy, Braun Strowman have a lot of potential in them and they need to be used well to put up great shows in the indie circuit. We will see where they end up working in the future. An offer from AEW could be also on the cards.