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LeBron James says he was 'shocked' at Clippers' losing from a 3-1 lead against Nuggets in the semis - THE SPORTS ROOM
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LeBron James says he was ‘shocked’ at Clippers’ losing from a 3-1 lead against Nuggets in the semis

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Lakers stalwart and 2019-20 NBA Champion LeBron James reveals he was shocked after LA Clippers lost the Western Conference Semifinals despite taking a 3-1 lead against Denver Nuggets back in September.

After both Clippers and Nuggets tied the scores 1-1 after the first 2 games, the formers secured two back to back victories, taking a 3-1 lead and were just one more victory away from sealing a place in the Conference Finals. However, Nuggets caused the major upset with three straight wins, finishing the semis 4-3 and headed for the Lakers clash.

Be that as it may, losing from such a lead has been a surprise to many in the basketball contingent, including LeBron, who went onto defeat the Nuggets in the Conference Finals before clinching the Larry O’Brien trophy in the Championship Finals against Miami Heat.

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LeBron James was surprised at Clippers losing from a 3-1 lead after “talking s*** all year”

The Lakers forward was recently present on the Road Trippin’ Podcast along with former teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye as well as host Allie Clifton on Monday, where he called the Clippers out for choking in the semis even after the 3-1 lead, especially after the “s*** talk” LeBron states the team was doing earlier.

“They put theyself in a position to get what they’ve been talking s*** about all year,” LeBron said in the podcast, “and I just couldn’t fathom the part or come to the realization that they did not seek that opportunity when it was right there … up 3-1.”

Losing out the semis despite a commanding lead like that came as a shocker to LeBron, who was anticipating to have a conference final between the Lakers and Clippers after both teams from LA were going at against each other throughout the season.

“I just did not see them losing, just like everybody else in the basketball and sports world, did not see them losing that series,” the four-time MVP added.

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