Kurt Angle reveals how he accepted a huge challenge before on-air segment

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently revealed during the latest episode of his podcast on AdFreeShows.com that once delivered a 3-page promo script which he had to memorize just ten minutes before the segment. 

Kurt Angle sheds light on the incident

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It is not unknown that WWE prepares the promo scripts for the talents which they have to memorize before the segments. They usually have enough time to prepare for the promo. We know how WWE makes some changes to the programming even in the final minutes prior to the segments it was something similar in the case of Kurt Angle.

While speaking on his podcast, Kurt Angle spoke about pre-tapes and promos and noted how he always loved taking up challenges as a performer. Angle then recalled that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon once created a long script before the star was scheduled to go out to the ring.

Kurt Angle reveals that he was handed Vince McMahon’s 3-page promo script was handed by former head writer Brian Gerwitz, and ‘The Olympic Medalist’ was successful in cutting the promo without any troubles.

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Angle wasn’t sure how he pulled off the huge task but added that he always found ways to tackle and complete gigantic assignments in the WWE. Here is what he said:

“I loved challenges. Anytime that Vince, you know one time Vince gave me a promo, and it was three pages typed. And he gave it to me, Brian Gewirtz gave it to me 10 minutes before I went out there, and I remembered all of it. I don’t know how, but I accepted the challenge, and I told them, ‘I’ll get it done, don’t worry.’ And I did it. I did it; I don’t know how. You figure out a way in pro wrestling.”

Kurt Angle had also stated that he loved the pre-taped moments as they helped shape his gimmick in the WWE.  He added: “Yeah, I think that I did really well in the pre-tapes. I thought that I remembered all the material.I just enjoyed the pre-tapes much more as it enhanced my character and gave me more character development, and that’s what I liked.”