Sami Zayn reveals legal reasons for his recent hiatus from WWE

sami zayn
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The recent hiatus of WWE star Sami Zayn has been noted by the fans as they have raised concerns over his status. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion recently joined on the most recent episode of WWE’s The Bump and discussed his absence from the company for quite some time now

Sami Zayn states the details of legal reasons will be disclosed soon

sami zayn

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Sami Zayn had returned to WWE last week on the edition of Friday Night SmackDown when he was revealed as the surprise opponent for Dominik Mysterio. Sami Zayn was seemingly reluctant to talk about the exact reason for his absence from WWE but he went on to share a few details when he was questioned by host Kayla Braxton.

‘The Great Liberator’ did not clearly state the reason for his absence but stated it were the legal reasons which kept him off the programming. He also called out the hostile and passive-aggressive nature of Kayla’s questions.

Zayn stated that he wasn’t at liberty to disclose the reason for his absence but mentioned that it was related to some of the conspiracies against him in WWE. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was also with the fact that he was not invited for SmackDown tapings while he was away.

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Here is what he said:

“There are certain legal reasons why I can’t get too into it. But anybody who’s followed the last year can connect the dots, the last year of my career. I have to be very delicate with my choice of words for legal reasons, but certain – let’s say plots – perhaps against me. Again, I’m just tiptoeing here. I shouldn’t even be talking about it.”

Sami Zayn then mentioned that he was busy with some legal issues but would certainly shed light down the road:

“You will find out in due time what I’ve been up to. I was hard at work. But I wasn’t really invited to WWE television for SmackDown, which is a whole other thing that I won’t get into it. But I was involved in some legal stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about at the moment. But you’ll find out in due time.”

You can check out the show below: