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King Of The Table 3: Everything You Need To Know About Rob Vigeant vs Ryan Bowen Match-up

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The year 2021 saw two unprecedented and historic matchups in the sport of arm wrestling- the first and second edition of the grand “King of the Table” event, taking place in May and December respectively. Now, the coming year will be kickstarting with the third edition, “King of the Table 3” on 27th March and will feature two elites of the sport against one another- Rob Vigeant and Ryan Bowen.

Middleweight arm wrestling elites Rob Vigeant and Ryan Bowen to pull at King of the Table 3 in March

The main event of both KOTT 1 and 2 featured Devon Larratt, who clashed against Michael Todd and John Brzenk in the main events respectively. The Canadian had won both matchups with dominating performances, defeating Todd and Brzenk by 5-0 and 4-0 margins.

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Aside from the Vigeant vs Bowen matchup, KOTT 3 will also feature a highly competitive matchup between two of the greatest female arm wrestlers of all time, Sarah Backman and Gabi Vasconcelos. The event will also feature top arm wrestlers Wagner Bortolato and Ermes Gasparini pulling each other in the undercard.

Rob Vigeant Jr has arm wrestling running in his family

Newburyport's world-champion arm wrestler | Sports |
Image Courtesy: Jim Vaiknoras/Newburyport Daily News


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A father of four, Rob Vigeant comes from a family in which he was introduced to arm wrestling at a tender age. The young Rob came to know about his grandfather’s power, as well as his father’s prowess in the art of pulling in the Air Force, and arm wrestling had become a household sport in his family. However, his rise to success was not a smooth one.

After dropping out of school to take care of family business, Vigeant thought he had no future in arm wrestling, but the hunger for competitions was always within him and Rob slowly started entering local contests. For his first major arm wrestling event, Rob had to drive for four hours and in spite of suffering a loss in his first match, “RVJ” ultimately won the entire event.

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At the 2015 WAL Championships, Vigeant secured second and third places in the Middleweight – Right Hand and Middleweight – Left Hand categories respectively. A year later, he went on to win WAL Northern Regionals in the Middleweight – Right Hand category. He also won the WAL 406 Championships in the same category in 2018 and currently has a 33-6 record.

Arm wrestling became Ryan Bowen’s solace

Ryan Blue Bowen - YouTube
Image Courtesy: YouTube (Ryan Blow Bowen)


Ryan Bowen’s first journey as an athlete started far away from the pulling table, the Aussie was originally pursuing a career in Tennis, but found a dead end just before elevating to elite status. However, it was arm wrestling in which Bowen found his solace and since getting into the sport in 2013, he has reached the elite status this time as a puller, becoming Australian and Oceanic champion multiple times and has his aim on the WAL Middleweight Hammer.

Hailing from Brisbane, Bowen is 1-0 as a professional and in 2018, he went up against none other than the legend Devon Larratt at the Arnold’s Classic. Nicknamed “Blue”, Bowen runs a YouTube channel by the name “Ryan Blue Bowen” where he regularly uploads videos. Bowen also has a website named “Pound For Pound Armwrestling” in which he writes blogs, provides training as well as equipments.


  • Arm wrestling icons Rob Vigeant and Ryan Bowen will face off against each other in the King of the Table 3 event on 27th March next year
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