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Jim Ross reveals possible conspiracy of WWE to get him fired

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, currently signed with AEW, is a veteran commentator in the pro wrestling world and spend the majority of his career in WWE. He has called some of the most iconic moments in the company. He recently spoke about his previous employers, WWE, and discussed his run in the company. Jim Ross has worked with Vince McMahon closely but that did not pan out well for him on multiple occasions. He recently spoke about the times he was turned heel by WWE.

Jim Ross believes WWE turned him to heel to fire him

Jim Ross

Jim Ross’ stint at WWE spanned for 22 years and he was mostly a babyface commentator for his run but during some instances, he was also portrayed as a heel. While speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Good Ol’ JR talked about his heel turns in WWE. Ross stated that he did not understand why he was a heel in the first place and believed WWE did it so that he would leave.

Here is what he said:

“I never understood that. The obsession with wanting JR to be a villain. I simply do not know, maybe if they thought I was a villain, if I was miserable, I would leave. I just have no idea. However, nothing really ran me off and nothing put me down to stay down and I never understood the motivation for that.”

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Jim Ross is expected to miss around a month of work in AEW as he is currently battling skin cancer by undergoing radiation. Dave Meltzer spoke about this on Wrestling Observer Radio where he reflected on Jim Ross’ situation. Since the WWE Hall of Famer announcer is having so much radiation therapy for his cancer, it might not be possible for him to make it to AEW’s television tapings for a while.

We hope that Jim Ross manages to recover from the disease and return back stronger to the AEW commentary team.


  • Jim Ross thinks WWE turned him heel to get him fired
  • He is now battling skin cancer


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