Jim Ross reveals a ‘good choice’ for John Cena in WWE

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The veteran commentator Jim Ross recently opened up on wrestler-turned actor John Cena’s WWE stint back in 2006 and stated a ‘good choice’ that was made for him during that run in the company.

Jim Ross reflects on the stint

Jim Ross

The former WWE Champion John Cena has been paired or has been involved with many female stars in WWE including the likes of AJ Lee in the past and his real-life ex-fiancee Nikki Bella. But, Good Ol’ JR went on to discuss Cena’s pairing with Maria Kanellis in 2006.

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During the latest edition of Jim Ross’ “Grilling JR” podcast on AdFreeShows.com, he spoke about the storyline between Cena and Maria. The 16-time world champion had risen up the ranks and became a top star of the company and was involved in a romantic storyline with Maria Kanellis.

Maria Kanellis was noted to John Cena’s first onscreen girlfriend and JR explained how she was a good choice for Cena, mentioning on the fact that she was a new introduction in WWE.

Jim Ross said that Maria was a fresh face in WWE programming. The former WWE commentator also noted that John Cena’s first onscreen love interest had to look gorgeous, Maria was the perfect choice for the role.

He said: “Well, look at her. Do you think she is not TV-worthy? “That’s it. She had great sex appeal. She was a fresh face and was always professional, wide-eyed, and open to trying things. I actually thought that was a good choice because she was a new player in the equation, and she had all the tools that she wanted. And if John Cena is going to have a girlfriend, she’s going to be hot.”

Jim Ross speaks about Maria

JR further spoke about former WWE star Maria and said that she is still beautiful and ‘hot’ as ever despite being a proud mother of two kids. Ross mentioned sharing a good relationship with Maria Kanellis.
He said:

“Nobody could deny the fact that Maria was hot. She was hot. She is. Especially even today, as a mom of two, she is just a, and she is just a joy to be around, one of my favorite people, and I hope she continues to do well.

He added: “So, I think it was a good deal. If John Cena is going to get his first TV girlfriend, let’s give him a dandy, and I thought that was good booking.”

John Cena has been involved in many romantic angles but his storyline with Maria was highly admired by WWE Universe.

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