Jerry Lawler recalls his 2011 WrestleMania escapade

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler, the WWE Hall of Famer who was at Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, discussed his one and only Wrestlemania match which took place at Wrestlemania 27 in 2011. He faced long term WWE commentator, Michael Cole with Steve Austin being the special guest referee. Jerry Lawler faced defeat against Michael Cole at the ‘Grandest Stage of them All’.

Jerry Lawler and Steve Austin reminisce the Wrestlemania match

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler, former WWE star has been a part of WWE for over twenty years. Fans are familiar watching him and Michael Cole at announcers table working different WWE shows including Wrestlemania pay-per-view.

But, it was the first time at Wrestlemania 27, that they have worked a match inside the squared circle. The bout marked as Jerry Lawler’s first Wrestlemania match in his entire career of forty years in the wrestling industry. However, The King suffered a loss at the event.

Jerry Lawler admitted that it was not the best match that he had in his career with Michael Cole, but he is clueless about the reason for not letting it happen earlier.

Jerry Lawler recalls his 2011 WrestleMania escapade - THE SPORTS ROOM

He said, “Yeah, it’s so funny. I mean, it was great. But I’ll be lying if I said I don’t know why it didn’t happen sooner, especially the fact that I don’t know how many years I would wrestle and commentate, get up from the commentary desk, and go in and wrestle, and I’m back and finish commentary.”

He continued, “I don’t know why that I just never got that WrestleMania match up until with Michael Cole, and then a lot of people say that may be the worst match in WrestleMania history, which I’m not going to argue with anybody.”

Jerry Lawler also stated about the duration of the match and how differently it match could have been carried out.

“I’m not going to say anything other than the fact that, and especially with you in there, it could’ve been so much better. And the main way it could’ve been so much better is if it had been shorter,” said The King.

Jerry Lawler recalls his 2011 WrestleMania escapade - THE SPORTS ROOM

“With all the ingredients that we had, especially with you, with Jack Swagger, with Cole, there could’ve been so much more done with that match. Not that crazy about the way it went.”

Jerry Lawler has had a rich career of forty long years in the wrestling business. He joined WWE in 1992.

Jerry Lawler recalls his 2011 WrestleMania escapade - THE SPORTS ROOM

He had wrestled for some time and later reintroduced by Vince Mcmahon in 2001 as a commentator. He was inducted to WWE Hall of Fame in 2007 with fellow commentator Jim Ross.

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