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This is how visually appealing Grand Theft Auto 6 can possibly be!

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Every single Grand Theft Auto release brought a number of revolutionary ideas to the world of gaming. Be it the first 3D release of the franchise GTA III, the huge explorable world of GTA San Andreas, the super realistic driving physics of GTA IV, or even the multi-protagonist approach of the latest entry GTA V. However, one thing that all the games have had in common, they were visually spectacular at the time of release. Even five years after the game’s release on PC, Grand Theft Auto V still is a treat for the eyes.

Grand Theft Auto
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Obviously, the next possible entry of the franchise, Grand Theft Auto 6, will be heaps ahead of its predecessor in terms of graphics. Unfortunately, the publishers Rockstar Games are mum on the development or a possible release date for GTA 6, and the lack of details for the forthcoming entry in the franchise is bugging the fans.

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However, there is a way to see how GTA 6 might look when it releases, and a group of three GTA fans have remade the famous San Andreas title to have astoundingly stunning visuals!

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As GTA V returned to Los Santos, one of the three main areas of the San Andreas map, there are rumours that the next GTA might take place in either Vice City, GTA IV’s Liberty City or in the three locations altogether.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Check out how the next entry in the franchise can possibly look

Meet ‘ArcadiaSquad’, a group of three gamers from South America who have joined hands together to remake San Andreas in the Unreal Engine 4, and the results are utterly spectacular. Check out a short ‘trailer’ of the remake below, courtesy of ArcadiaSquad’s official YouTube channel.

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“We worked very hard on this, it was already 1 year ago that we officially started the project, and we went through different phases, here you can see a Beta,” the video description said.

While the map is the same of San Andreas, it gives you an impression of how GTA 6 can look in future, with the availability of next gen consoles and top notch PC hardware.

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