He’s gonna get better: Eric Bischoff outlines which WWE star is the ‘future of WWE’

Eric Bischoff
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The former WWE RAW General Manager his podcast 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff often shares his thoughts on the happenings of the wrestling world.He recently spoke about a WWE star who he thinks could be the ‘future’ of WWE.

Eric Bischoff sheds praise on Riddle

He’s gonna get better: Eric Bischoff outlines which WWE star is the 'future of WWE' - THE SPORTS ROOM

As it turns out the Riddle, who is a former United States Champion has drawn some attention of the former Raw General Manager. The Original Bro has an unique gimmick and the cool approach of the star has been praised by Eric Bischoff.

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Riddle recently formed a tag-team alongside Randy Orton. Though the booking had raised some eyebrows but as it turns out they have huge potential to achieve success in the division. They are known as R-K-Bro, which was pitched by Riddle.

Eric Bischoff further spoke on Riddle being paired with the former WWE Champion, Randy Orton makes it more interesting. Bischoff said that The Original Bro has a different style and he will become better with time. Teaming up with Orton is will further help him grow. The contrast of the personalities of both the stars would make the team more exciting to witness.

He said:

”This one will shock people maybe, but Matt Riddle. I’m kind of digging it. He’s different, and he’s good. He’s gonna get better and better and better. I love the Randy Orton and Matt Riddle combination. I don’t know if it’s long-term, but there’s a buddy cop movie that takes place in the ring. You’re talking about two different types of personalities that could really play well off of each other.

Bischoff said that the fans would have no shortage of entertainment from this tag-team. They competed in only a couple of matches but the unlikely alliance has showcase great team chemistry.

Riddle had won the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic with Pete Dunne and Orton has been part of several legendary tag-teams like Evolution and Rated-RKO. They have experience of working in the tag-teams in the past. But, now the only thing which is to be seen is that how well they can gel together with each other.

Riddle had previously held the NXT Tag-Team Championship with Pete Dunne, while Randy Orton has also held Tag-Team titles a couple of times. We have to see whether they get a shot at the WWE Raw Tag-Team Championship which is held by AJ Styles and Omos.