Edge takes a shot at WWE star, gets hilarious response

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WWE star Edge has achieved several accomplishments and won many titles in the company over the years he has worked. He has been righly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

On last week’s episode of Talking Smack, The Rated-R Superstar seemed to criticize the WWE 24/7 Championship while reminding fans of his accomplishments in the WWE.

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Edge opens up on WWE 24/7 Championship


WWE had introduced the 24/7 Championship back on May 20, 2019 and it was unveiled by WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. It is similar to the Hardcore title and has the ’24/7′ rule. It is open to anyone—regardless of gender or WWE employment status.

The rule states that it can be defended “24/7”, as in any time, anywhere, as long as a WWE referee is present. Currently the title is held by Akira Tozawa.

During the Talking Smack, Edge talked about his upcoming match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank and he brought up the fact that he has held 31 championships in the WWE, which is more than anyone else in the company.

He went on to say that he does not count the 24/7 Championships, taking a shot at WWE star R-Truth, who has held the title for a record-53 times.

Edge said:

“I know what he [Reigns] brings to the table, and I know he calls himself the ‘Head of the Table,’ and I can appreciate everything that he’s trying to say because he believes everything he says. But I’ve been there, done that. I’ve won 31 championships; that’s more than anyone else in this company, and I’m sorry I don’t count the 24/7 Championships.”

R-Truth fires back at the comment

Edge takes a shot at WWE star, gets hilarious response - THE SPORTS ROOM

R-Truth seemed to have been offended with the comments made by Edge. The former WWE 24/7 Champion hurled back at the Rated-R Superstar on a video clip of Talking Smack.

R-Truth said that he does not count the 31 championships that Edge has won, thereby they are on level terms. He wrote: “@EdgeRatedR I don’t count your 31 championship either so we even”

The Rated-R Superstar is set to join forces with The Mysterios and will face Roman Reigns and The Usos in a six-man tag team match on tonight’s episode of SmackDown. He will then march on to WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title.