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‘Fans Outrage’ – EA Sports fails to Release ‘EA NCAA 24’ Trailer at The CFP Championship After Massive Announcements

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EA NCAA 24 game was the talk of the town during the Cup final for all the wrong reasons. Michigan defeated the Huskies 34-13 to win the College Football National Championship on Jan 8. But if there is a group more upset than the Huskies fans, it surely will be the ones waiting for some new information about the EA’s upcoming college football game  EA NCAA 24.

The game was released in 2013 and hasn’t changed much since its release. it was rumored that EA would be providing fans with some exciting news on the revival of the video game. The information was supposed to be released on the eve of Monday night’s College Football Playoff national title game.

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Fans got their hopes up as they started speculating on what type of news would be released about the EA NCAA 24. Some expected a trailer of the game to be released or a poster and some even speculated to an extent that the release date would be announced.

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247sports’ Brandon Marcello was one of the many media personnel who thought EA would announce something big before the game or at the interval  “Sources: New information on EA Sports College Football coming Monday”. Marcello stated in a tweet


 Are EA NCAA 24 rumors baseless?

Matt Brown of the Extra Points newsletter was one of the few reporters who were trying to silence the highly circulating rumors about the video game

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“I have been told not to expect some massive announcement today. I would set your expectations to be pretty low. You should not freak out if you don’t see gameplay or an exact date or whatever else your heart desires right now. I promise you they’re still making the game”. He added “I think there will be *something* today, but I really think a lot of the social media hype machine does not line up with the existing reporting or what I have been hearing. There’s gonna be a pretty good actual football game today, though. I think you’d enjoy tuning it for that”

Fans are outraged by EA

Fans are vexed with EA for not doing much about the highly popular video game.

“No way the EA marketing team fumbles the bag this badly, right? It’s the National Championship Your core audience is glued to the TV. SHOW US THE NEW NCAA FOOTBALL GAME ” one X user posted .

“Did anyone from the NCAA or EA Sports officially say there was gonna be a commercial for the new NCAA game or is this just another example of the internet running with something that some random person stated as fact?” another user added.

EA had the perfect opportunity to set the football world on fire by giving some breakthroughs about the new EA NCAA 24  but somehow, they weren’t interested.

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