Disco Inferno claims Brodie Lee’s family has been secretive about the superstar’s passing

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Disco Inferno, the former WCW star joined Konnan’s Keeping It 100 and discussed the ill-timed passing away of AEW star, Brodie Lee(real name Jon Huber). He claimed that Lee’s family has been hiding the cause of death as no concrete cause has been revealed.

Disco Inferno wants the cause of death to be revealed

Disco Inferno

Brodie Lee’s death has stunned the world of pro wrestling and recently people has been mourning his tragic death at the age of 41. The cause of death was only said to be a non-COVID 19 lung issue and apart from this no proper reason has been revealed.

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He was admitted to the Mayo Clinic where he spent the final few weeks of his life.During the interview, Disco Inferno said that he wants to know the actual cause of his death.

He said, “Just give us the cause of death! The guy died in the wrestling business at a very young age.”

Recently, a long term writer, Bruce Mitchell had previously received heat on social media when he had written an article on Lee and questioned about the way Brodie Lee had passed away.

His remarks were also not well received when he questioned that how an athlete like Brodie Lee suddenly developed lung ailments in short period of time

Disco Inferno was also vocal about it and raised questions about the death of the ‘Exalted One’. He said that Lee’s family is not being ‘fully transparent’ about the cause.

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He said: “Right, what [Mitchell] was saying was not unreasonable. They aren’t being fully transparent because we don’t know what the cause of death is yet. It’s very weird that the guy had the typical symptoms that you see from COVID, and it’s like, ‘OK it’s not that but we don’t know what it is.’ My general curiosity is gonna press you until we find out what exactly happened.”

Reports say that Brodie Lee had requested not to publicize his illness and wanted to avoid publicity. His death has been mourned by the world of wrestling and AEW, his last employer had paid a great homage by dedicating a whole episode to him calling as Celebration of Life on this week’s edition of Dynamite.

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