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King of the Table 4: Devon Larratt reveals what his “path to victory” against Levan will be

Canadian arm wrestling superstar Devon Larratt is just a day away from taking on the toughest challenge of his career- Levan Saginashvili, in the main event of King of the Table 4, and Devon has a vision of what his path to victory will be.

Those who know about Levan, the “Hulk” from Georgia is a true force of nature when it comes to the table. The 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in), 180 kg (400 lb) powerhouse possesses 50cm forearm and 60cm biceps and has outright decimated anyone and everyone he has pulled so far.

However, Devon Larratt himself is well aware of the challenge he will face on 25th June in Dubai when he takes on Levan. The KOTT 1 and 2 champion has also bulked up to be the biggest he has ever been physically and feels he is currently the strongest in his right hand.

Slow him down, extend the match, make it about stamina: Devon Larratt’s gameplan vs Levan

Even though he has been the favourite in his past matches, this time its Devon who will walk into the super match as an underdog. However, in spite of all that, the Canadian believes he knows how to solve the Levan puzzle, and that secret lies in stamina.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this strong in my entire life for right-handed arm wrestling. Even when I know that the odds are against me, I always believe that there’s a chance that I can do it, and I think I do see myself winning,” said Devon in a recent interview, “Whether it’s stamina just in a physical sense, or stamina from a more technical and efficiency standpoint, I tend to outlast my opponents — it’s a huge part of why I win and It’s a huge part of my strategy.”

Devon believes the only way to stop Levan on the table is to slow him down and elongate the match so he can utilize his stamina, which the 47-year-old believes to be his pathway to triumph.

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“My opponent is unquestionably recognized as the number one arm wrestler on the planet and potentially the strongest arm wrestler that’s ever lived so, if I can somehow find ways to stop him and slow him down and extend the match and make it about stamina, that’s, that’s my path to victory,” added Devon. [H/T muscleandfitness.com]

Who do you think wins King of the Table 4? Let us know in the comment section below.

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