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Australian CS:GO pro reveals he was offered a jaw-dropping $2000 for match-fixing!

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A professional CS:GO player from Australia has recently recounted how he was offered $2000 to rig some of his matches.

From world sports, the transgression of match-fixing has moved its notorious presence into the global esports scene in present times and there have been numerous examples of several professional esports players and teams fixing matches in exchange of lumpsum money.

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Australian CS:GO pro reveals he was offered a jaw-dropping $2000 for match-fixing! - THE SPORTS ROOM
Match-fixing has now started to harm the global esports scene. (Image Courtesy: Getty)

However, Joshua Hough-Devine may not be a top tier CS:GO pro, but the Aussie had turned down the luscious $2000 he was offered to fix a match.

Australian CS:GO player Joshua Hough-Devine aka JHD narrates his match-fixing proposal

Due to the increment of match-fixing incidents in esports, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) recently conducted a report under its Background Briefing where it investigated the country’s esports scene, which brought up Joshua “JHD” Hough-Devine’s account of being offered two thousand dollars.

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“I’ve been offered like two thousand dollars a match to throw, but I just don’t take it because it’s just not what I’m about,” said JHD.

“Like why would I take $2,000 when you have a possibility of getting arrested,” the 19-year-old added.

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Although JHD had undergone a 12-month ban for betting on himself in CS:GO in the past, throwing a game was not in his sleeve, “When you do that sort of stuff, it’s basically just stealing money, it’s a scummy thing to do.”

“It’s just not what I do, I’ve got morals. I’m not a criminal,” JHD affirmed.

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At present, The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) probes the global esports scene for any account of corruption and receives 100-ish reports of match-fixing each day across the world.

“We’ve seen a very significant upturn in all sorts of match-fixing activity, betting, fraud-related activity in esports, across all titles,” ESIC’s global strategy director Stephen Hanna said.

“If you look at another sport like cricket, they probably have between four to six major match-fixing investigations annually. We have 14 and that was basically picked up in the span of three months and they are all fairly major,” Mr Hanna added.

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