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Dodgy Sprinklers: Coleraine FC striker Eoin Bradley urinates on the turf

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The occasion of a cup semi-final often gets the better of a player, but Coleraine FC striker Eoin Bradley might have let the occasion get the better of him a tad too much.


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The player was observed urinating on the pitch, right in front of the cameras during the water break after the ninety-minute mark.

After the score was level at 1-1 at the end of the regular time, the teams huddled near the sidelines before gearing out for extra time action.

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With Eoin Bradley in need of a bathroom break, he opted to shave off some time by urinating on the pitch itself.

The cameras caught the act with the telecast being streamed live across Northern Ireland. The commentators had to issue an apology to the viewers who had to see the incident.

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Bradley’s topsy-turvy outing

Eoin Bradley had put Coleraine FC into the lead in the Irish Cup semi-final with a sensational free-kick. The team, however, conceded an agonizing injury-time equalizer courtesy of Ballymena United’s Kenny Kane.

Coleraine FC’s hard work was done for as the side lost in the penalty shootouts by a margin of 3-1 with Bradley missing from the spot as well.

These two teams had contested in their final match before the lockdown against each other where Coleraine had come on top by a margin of 2-0.

Much like football elsewhere, there were no fans in the stadium to witness the first semi-final of the Irish Cup. Coleraine manager Oran Kearney reiterated the same while speaking before the fixture. He said:

“It’ll be eerie and different without fans in the stadium,”

“I suppose that was the reason behind the closed doors game, as even with a friendly you’ll have a couple of hundred there and everything else, but that side of it is something you have to get used to.

“However it is the same for both teams and we have to deal with it. It will be a strange experience even though it’s a derby. It’s about making sure we adjust quickly and concentrating on a game of football which is the most important thing.”

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