CM Punk names the classic wrestling match he wants to watch!

CM Punk
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The former WWE star CM Punk has been away from pro-wrestling but he is still attached to the sport one way or the other. He has starred in a series called ‘Heels’ on STARZ that is set to premiere on August 15. The series revolves around pro-wrestling and moreover, he has also expressed his desire to return to the squared circle.

“I think the older the stuff is the better”: CM Punk

CM Punk

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This week, CM Punk joined in for an interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider to discuss the series debut. He spoke about a variety of topics and was then asked how he feels about the current landscape of professional wrestling. Punk was clear about his thoughts and according to him, it could really use a kick in the d****.

He noted how with the passage of time the content becomes better as it gets older. He said WWE owns the libraries in pro-wrestling and they possess the classic stuff which they do not showcase on WWE Network. He then revealed that he wants to watch the classic bout between Austin Idol and Jerry Lawler in Memphis.

Here is what he had to say:

“I think the older the stuff is the better. I think it’s partly unfortunate that WWE owns the super good libraries in pro wrestling. I think that stuff is classic and they don’t even put it on their network. They are sitting on it.”

He added: “I want to watch Austin Idol versus Jerry Lawler in Memphis. I do think the landscape of pro wrestling in general really needs a kick in the d***. I think we are about there.”

CM Punk is slated to make AEW debut at Rampage: The First Dance

CM Punk

There have been multiple speculations regarding his return to pro-wrestling. It has been heavily reported that the former WWE Champion is considering a comeback to the sport and has signed a deal with AEW.

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AEW Rampage is set to premiere tonight and next week on August 20, Rampage: The First Dance is scheduled to take place in Punk’s hometown, Chicago. There is a huge possibility that ‘The Second City Saint’ could be making his highly anticipated debut.

AEW President Tony Khan might have dropped some hints on this as well when he said: “Of course, I think everyone knows what to expect on the second episode of Rampage, which is titled ‘The First Dance.’ And I expect the anticipation will continue to build.”