Is CM Punk eyeing for a huge WWE return amid AEW rumors?

CM Punk AEW or WWE
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The former WWE Champion CM Punk’s return to pro-wrestling has been a heavily discussed topic with multiple speculations regarding the future of the former WWE star. He is slated to make his AEW debut soon and he dropped a cryptic post to continue teasing his fans. But, is he indicating a stunning return to WWE?

CM Punk is joining WWE or AEW?

CM Punk AEW or WWE

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Sometimes the little hints can mean big things in store in the world of pro-wrestling. It is totally an uncertain and unpredictable world where things can happen when it is least expected. However, CM Punk’s debut in AEW has been teased over the past few weeks and he could certainly end up at Tony Khan’s company.

It seems ‘The Second City Saint’ is himself taking fun by hyping up his long-awaited comeback to the squared circle. Punk took to his Instagram account this afternoon and fueled rumors and speculation on his pro wrestling status.

Punk posted a new Instagram story with just three numbers listed: “05, 11, 21”

Punk did not explain what the numbers mean, but fans are speculating that these could be the years he signed major wrestling contracts in.

Punk originally signed his WWE developmental deal in 2005, then he signed a much-talked-about contract in the summer of 2011, which was used in the storylines. Now, speculations have begun about “21” be a reference to Punk signing with AEW or returning to WWE this year?

Is CM Punk eyeing for a huge WWE return amid AEW rumors? - THE SPORTS ROOM

While the recent indications show that he is headed to AEW but who knows, he might opt for a U-turn to Vince McMahon’s company.

Recent hints on CM Punk’s AEW debut

CM Punk

CM Punk while being on the commentary for the Saturday evening CFFC MMA event, and plenty of wrestling fans watching it, dropped some hints on AEW debut.

During the fight between Lucas Hoffman and Harvey Mardis, commentator John Morgan said that the former is “returning to his wrestling.” The former WWE Champion responded with “Yeah, he’s looking all elite right now.”

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Previously, the former AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin had also seemingly challenged ‘The Best In The World’. It is being speculated that he will debut for the company at Friday’s AEW Rampage special called “The First Dance” at the United Center in Chicago Illinois. The event will be taking place in his hometown.