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Chris Paul sees little hope in the progress of the NBA amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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Oklahoma City Thunder guard and the president of the National Basketball Players Association Chris Paul has experienced the NBA for more than fifteen years. Yet, the veteran finds nothing ideal in the upcoming 2020–21 season, which will commence amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NBA, like most other sports leagues, was heavily impacted at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in March. The 2019-20 season was suspended from 11th March until 30th July and the rest of the regular and the entire playoffs and finals were held at the ‘Disney bubble’ in the Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.

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Now with only a 71-day offseason which is also the shortest in history, the NBA will be returning on 22nd December with all the necessary protocols in effect to ensure maximum safety for the player’s coaches and staffs. However, for Chris Paul, a lot has yet been left unanswered.

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Chris Paul: The only thing that’s in control right now is that virus

Chris Paul sees little hope in the progress of the NBA amid the COVID-19 pandemic - THE SPORTS ROOM
Chris Paul addresses the resumption of the NBA amid the pandemic. (Image Courtesy: Getty)

Chris Paul is set to begin the 16th season of his NBA career. Elected as the NBAPA president in August 2013, he joined Thunder in 2019 after two seasons with the Rockets. at Speaking at a Time100 event on Thursday, Chris emphasised on the threat the virus still possesses and how the whole NBA scene still a lot to learn about taking measures.

“There’s still a lot of questions that have to be answered, but we’re working on it. Nothing is perfect and everything that you see … we’re sort of learning everything on the fly,” Paul said at the event.

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“The only thing that’s in control right now is that virus. We’re working hard to try to make sure that not only our players are happy but our fans are happy.”

Not just the players, Chris also added the inevitable concern about his family, especially his schoolgoing children.

The 35-year-old went on, “none of the things that everyone is dealing with right now is ideal. Nothing. I think about us and we get an opportunity to play this game, right? But I also think about my kids who are doing online school day in and day out.”

Regardless what happens, I’ll be ready: Chris Paul makes ready for the next season

Be that as it may, Chris acknowledged the effort that has been put to counter the COVID crisis in the NBA scene as the teams prepare themselves to begin a new season amid a pandemic.

“So, the decisions that we’re making … we’re blessed to be in the situation that we’re in. Like I said, things aren’t ideal, but we’re trying to make them work,” he added.

“Man, I’m 35 years old and I still get a chance to play basketball every day and say that’s my way of life. That is crazy in itself so regardless what happens, I’ll be ready.”

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