Chris Jericho hits back at body shaming comments

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Chris Jericho, the AEW star is not the person to keep silence when the fans troll or take shots at him. He recently took to his social media account and addressed his critics who were body shaming.

Chris Jericho hurls back at fans for criticism

Chris Jericho hits back at body shaming comments - THE SPORTS ROOM

Chris Jericho was recently trolled on Twitter for his physique following the latest edition of AEW Dynamite as the NBA fans tuned in to TNT for the NBA game between Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks and they saw Dynamite which aired immediately after the basketball match.

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Some of the NBA fans said on Twitter that they witnessed AEW TV for the first time. The opening bout of Dynamite saw a clash between the team of Jericho & MJF from The Inner Circle and the team of Top Flight, with Inner Circle getting the victory.

The NBA Twitter Community poked fun at the first-ever AEW Champion for his physique, posting humiliating remarks meant for him. Many of the users captured snapshots of Jericho and even compared him to Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil.

The Demo-God was tight lipped about the situation. Perhaps liked some Tweets of the fans. However, he recently took to Twitter and responded to a fan, who came to defend the former AEW Champion.

Chris Jericho hits back at body shaming comments - THE SPORTS ROOM

The fan said that Jericho is one of the greatest stars of all time and he is getting body shamed and being at the age of 50 he is in a better shapre than the people trolling him.

The fan wrote: “People are body shaming one of the greatest wrestlers of all time @IAmJericho . Dude is 50+ and probably in better shape then half the trolls on here.”

Chris Jericho then replied that he is still capable of doing timed pushups,weighted squats, incline sit-ups and still could draw record ratings.

Le Champion responded: “Awwww they are? Well either way, I guarantee I can do more timed pushups, weighted squats, and incline sit-ups than all of them AND still draw record ratings. I have a really thick skin, kids…. #LeChampion”

Check out the Tweets below:

Previously, the former ECW star Justin Credible also came to the aid of Jericho. He wrote:

“One thing that’s kept me watching #AEWDynamite is @IAmJericho. He’s a boss. Also he’s been killing it for 30 years. @AEW needs more @IAmJerich. f–k the haters. #AEWDynamite Still crisp in ring & way better then anything #wwe.”

Chris Jericho has had a glittering 30 years in pro-wrestling business, having captured several championships. He will go down in the history as one of the best in-ring performers.