Read why Chris Jericho has lashed out at Domino’s Pizza!

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Chris Jericho, the current AEW star recently took to his social media account and slammed the huge pizza company, Domino’s Pizza for committing a major mistake while delivering a pizza which the former AEW World Champion had ordered.

Chris Jericho furious with the Domino’s Pizza’s customer service

Chris Jericho uses the social media platform to open up on what is going on with his life and let his fans know about it.

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Recently he took to Twitter and shared the issue which he faced after ordering a pizza from the multinational pizza chain, Domino’s Pizza.

Chris Jericho

He shared an annoying incident with his 3.6 million followers on Twitter. He revealed that he had ordered a pizza from the mentioned company.

After waiting for a very long time, the delivery boy had turned up to his place but shockingly without the ordered pizza, perhaps he claimed that he showed up without a pizza.

An angry Chris Jericho took to Twitter and called out the whole company for making this error and mentioned the ‘terrible customer service’.

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He wrote:

Thanks to the @dominos driver who came to deliver our pizza…and forgot the pizza. It’s been 90 min and when we called they basically said “Tough luck…” Terrible customer service guys. #YouHadOneJob

Check out Chris Jericho’s Tweet below:

Domino’s Pizza official Twitter handle soon responded to the Demo-God and they were apologetic of the incident.

They wrote: I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive your full order and this was the service that you received. We want to help make this right. Can you please DM us so we can follow up? *MK

Check out the response below:

This incident would certainly create a bad impression on the customers and with such a big star criticizing the services could get the company lose some customers as well.

But, the company would want to fulfil the needs of Jericho with his complete order and one or two coupons as well.

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