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Caitlin Clark’s Sensational Impact: How Women’s Basketball Is Surpassing Men’s Basketball In Viewership

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A new star has emerged in the exciting field of collegiate basketball—a player whose influence resonates throughout living rooms throughout the country and extends beyond the court. What’s her name? Caitlin Clarke.

The talented point guard for the Iowa Hawkeyes, Caitlin Clark, is authoring her narrative in addition to shattering records. Having been valued at an astounding $3.1 million by NIL, Clark’s impact goes well beyond hardwood floors. Her objective? is to guide Iowa, who missed out on the women’s national championship in 2023, back to victory.

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The revolution in viewership, boosted by Caitlin Clark

Women’s collegiate basketball has a new place in the hearts of viewers. Caitlin Clark’s spectacular performances have boosted the average viewership for women’s games on FOX Network to 981,000, surpassing men’s NCAA basketball at 946,000 viewers. Yes, you read that right: women’s basketball is currently outperforming men’s basketball in terms of ratings.

A recent tweet from @mulvihill79 prompted a fascinating discussion concerning the patterns in women’s college basketball viewing:

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“Women’s college basketball is now averaging a little bit bigger audience than Men’s CBB on FOX (981k vs 946). Women’s CBB is up +48% on FOX this season and up +60% across all national networks.”

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This tweet highlights a special time in the history of the game, as FOX Sports, the home of women’s basketball, may be seeing a change in viewership. The statistics indicate an intriguing trend worth pursuing, even though it will take time to eclipse the men’s game in terms of total viewing.

Clark’s legacy is imprinted in unforgettable memories, not just numbers. Consider the strong rivalry between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Ohio State, which garnered over 4 million viewers at its peak. This historic game was the most-watched women’s regular-season basketball game since 1999.

What is the average number of viewers? A staggering 3.39 million, with a peak of 4.42 million late in the second half. Clark’s record-breaking performance left spectators breathless, as she broke the single-game scoring mark shortly before halftime.

Beyond the Court

However, it goes beyond the figures. The effect of Caitlin Clark is felt outside the arena. Attendance records for the Women’s Final Four, which included Iowa and Clark, were broken last year when 9.9 million people tuned in for the title game, which peaked at 12.6 million. This broke the previous record, which was set in 2002, demonstrating that Clark’s magnetism is felt in living rooms throughout the nation in addition to stadiums.

Clark is still shining brightly, and women’s college basketball is envious of her. The 2022–2023 Division I women’s basketball season saw a record-breaking 150,000+ attendance, shattering the previous record. Caitlin Clark is more than simply a player—she’s a phenomenon who serves as an inspiration to aspiring young athletes.

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