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BTS ARMY Goes Into A Frenzy Over RM Sporting A Faint Beard In Latest Instagram Clip

Aside from topping music charts, BTS also tops the appearance and attire game. Right from hairstyles, hair color, or any other latest fashion trend, every time the septet hit it out of the park.

RM seen with a faint beard as the BTS leader jams to Sleepness Nights 

Although the BTS members have never been seen with full facial hair, some creative fans inflamed their imaginations by inserting a mustache or beard and editing their existing photos, to relate how the K-pop superstars would look bearded, and surely they would nail the style.

Recently, the group leader RM was seen jamming to a song called Sleepless Nights by Dinner Party featuring Phoelix in his studio, and the 27-year-old shared it in a clip in his Instagram story.

The audience is well aware of RM’s outstanding taste in music, but it was not what caused the fans to go gaga over it. Rather, ARMY became overly engaged in watching him don a beard in the story. The icon looks super hot in this new avatar while singing along the lyrics to the song. The story went viral instantly on the internet and ARMY stormed social media platforms where all of them could discuss how handsome he looked with a beard.

Below here is the story RM posted, courtesy of @BTSdailyinfo on Twitter:

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“That’s the thyme mustache that makes you look good” said one fan, while another wrote, “ahhhh his beard” as ARMY flooded the comment section of the post above.

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RM went live on Weverse to talk about his album on 21st July where he mentioned that the tracks are almost done and his album is 80-90 percent ready. Currently, he is involved in gathering the tracks and presenting them with a polished look which indicates Namjoon could be the second member for his solo work to release in Chapter 2.

He also added that his forthcoming project is going to be quite different from Mono while talking about the album. “If MONO was RM’s records from 2016 – 2018 then I think the new album soon to be released will be Namjoon’s diary and archive from 2019 to 2022,” he said.

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