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Broncos secure Russell Wilson through a long-term deal

Russell Wilson has been through a rollercoaster of a career. In college, he made a name for himself at NC State before transferring to Wisconsin University. The same story has seemed to have unfolded in the NFL. Wilson began his career with the Seattle Seahawks. Through his journey with Pete Carroll, Wilson proved himself to be among the elite QBs in the NFL. Over this past offseason, the Broncos secured Wilson through a trade involving Drew Lock and 2 other players. Although a part of the team, Wilson had not been offered any long-term deal from the Broncos. That all changed this week when Denver cemented themselves among the Super Bowl favorites with the best offshore sportsbooks for years to come.

The Denver Broncos have signed Russell Wilson to a 5-year, $245 million contract extension. A hefty contract for the veteran QB and much will be expected of him in the coming years. The Broncos brought in Jerry Jeudy and he will be Russell’s primary target in 2022. Melvin Gordon will be at RB and should provide a strong threat in the run game. The Broncos have now set themselves up for a long-term plan involving Wilson. They have formed a winning recipe and all that is left now is to execute. Broncos fans have had a rough couple of years since Peyton Manning retired in 2016. However, the long-term extension of Wilson should prove to be the best move possible. He has proven himself to be elite time and time again. With a strong receiving corps and an experienced defense, the Broncos have put all the pieces into place.

To start things off, Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos will take on the Seattle Seahawks. It seems quite ironic for Wilson’s first game as a Bronco to play his former team. A team that used to dominate the Broncos may be in for a rude awakening on September 12th. Geno Smith will most likely be the starting QB in Week 1. Drew Lock may compete for snaps but his pre-season performance wasn’t his best. Wilson should have a happy beginning as a Bronco and cruise to a 1-0 start. Although the majority of players were not starters, the pre-season was anything but pretty for the Seahawks. They finished 0-3, suffering defeats to the Steelers, Bears, and Cowboys. In their defense, all 3 of these teams had meaning behind these games. The Steelers had 3 QBs fighting for a starting spot. The Bears had Justin Fields putting on a show. The Cowboys didn’t have much going for them with Prescott being out but still finished 2-1. It will be an intriguing season for Denver and its fan base. Expectations are high and much success is expected after this signing. Time will tell if the Broncos can take advantage of this.

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