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It is commonly said that cricket is not just a sport, it’s a religion. And when there’s a tournament going on, most people want to catch the whole thrilling matches live as the action is happening. But due to the work status of some people, it is impossible to be near a television set when the game happening. The good news is that there are some mobile phone applications that you can use to stream live all these actions from your mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

We have provided you some phone applications that you can use to stream live cricket matches and also get all the news that is happening on your android phone.

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  • Tata sky

This is a cable service provider that provides offline channels that are streamed through satellites. It also comes with an online mobile application with some special features. It also provides you with multiple channels with over three hundred videos. It also gives you a special chance of sharing the channel that you are watching on your social media pages. You can even set reminders for any show that you want online. It is compatible with android phones.

Planet cricket is a live score streaming app that gives you live feeds from the cricket world. Once you have this application on your phone, you are assured to be updated on all the events in the cricket world. It gives its users the latest sports updates, live scores, and even team ranking. It is compatible with android phones.

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When this mobile app was launched in 2015, it became India’s most downloaded application. Since then, the mobile app has gone viral with more than 350 million downloads globally. This cricket live streaming app provides you with live scores with schedules, highlights, and also point table. It has a special feature that allows you to share cricket world cup action to your social media and also lets you invite friends and team rivals to comment during any live streaming. You can also check your team’s rank in the leaderboards nationally. It is compatible with your android phone.

  • OSN Play

If you live in the Middle East or North Africa and watch to catch all the live cricket streams from your phone, then your answer is OSN play. This does not limit its use to only these two parts but you can stream with it globally. You can register up to two devices once and is compatible with any android phone. It streams all major sporting events from the world of cricket and gives you a variety of up to three hundred titles from their own OSN sports, tv shows, and even movies.

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  • Supersports

All the cricket fans from sub-Saharan Africa have the chance to now cheer all their favorite cricket teams with live feeds from Supersports that leaves all the corners covered when live streaming. Supersports has a long list that includes live cricket feeds, video highlights, live scores, schedules, top scores, and even ranking. they also provide their users with notifications of events unfolding during a match if you want to keep track of multiple games at the same time. You can also set a reminder for an upcoming cricket match on the app so you don’t miss any match, race, or tournament. It is compatible with the android mobile phone.

  • NDTV cricket

This mobile app is a property of the popular news channel, NDTV cricket is a cricket app that gives the users all the latest news scores, professional commentary, predictions, match analysis, and even player profiles. Because it’s owned by a premier news channel, it proves that the channel gives on-time news updates on cricket sports. It is also compatible with your android phone.

  • Yahoo cricket

This is one of the oldest apps and was accessible to users at the time when Google was non-existing and yahoo was the main browser. While the main web is not famous nowadays, yahoo cricket is very resilient and has managed to stay afloat all that time. it is very localized that some network provides in India provide yahoo cricket scores on SMS. It is compatible with android phones.

Now that you have these apps in mind, why don’t you download one of them on your android phone and be assured to catch all the events in the world of cricket without missing.

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Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh
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