“My Inspiration”: Becky Lynch addressed with heartfelt message by former WWE star

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The former WWE star Lana, who was recently released by the company opened up on the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The Ravishing Russian in a heartfelt two-worded Tweet, expressed her emotions for The Man.

Becky Lynch fires back at WWE star

Becky Lynch

It is not unknown that Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair had a fierce rivalry in the past. Even at Sunday’s Money In The Bank, Charlotte Flair did not hold back from taking a shot at Becky Lynch. The Queen went on to display an obscene gesture when the crowd started chanting, ‘We want Becky’.

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The crowd had been wanting to see ‘The Man’, who has been on a long hiatus since announcing her pregnancy last year. She had been also teasing her return last weekend.

The eleven-time Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair cut a promo on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. She once again took a jab at the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion stating that Lynch is at home breast feeding while she is here in WWE dominating the entire women’s division.

Lynch took note of it and responded on her Twitter account. She said that she’s still the most over in that division. Her Tweet read: “Breastfeeding at home and still the most over woman in the division.”

Lana reacts to Becky Lynch’s Tweet

"My Inspiration": Becky Lynch addressed with heartfelt message by former WWE star - THE SPORTS ROOM

The former WWE star Lana took note of the Tweet and replied to The Man saying: “My inspiration“. It is needless to say that the stars share a great bond.

The Ravishing Russian had previously revealed that she received motivating messages from Lynch on a weekly basis throughout the pandemic era when she was released.

Lana spoke to talkSport back in February when she revealed: “I get texts from her saying ‘I’m so proud of you.’ She texts me every single week. I’m so thankful for that because when this whole pandemic started.

Becky Lynch have been dropping hints about her return and fans are currently awaiting for The Man to make her return. WWE have been presenting some huge surprises all along the weekend starting from Friday Night SmackDown as they welcomed the fans back in attendance. We will have to see when we can witness Becky Lynch back in action once again.