You love to prove people wrong: Bayley’s motivation behind her success

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Bayley, the WWE star recently ranked No. 1 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Top 100 Women’s Wrestlers. She joined the PWI podcast where she discussed how she made her heel turn successful and overcame the odds.

Bayley proved her doubters wrong

During the podcast, Bayley talked about her how she cemented her persona as a heel. Back in last year’s September, on an episode of Monday Night Raw, she assisted her best friend Sasha Banks to assault Becky Lynch. Thus, turning heel in the process for the first time in her career.

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She then debuted her new look as she cut off her ponytail and destroyed the Bayley Buddies. Bayley said that she wanted to turn heel.

During the podcast, she said that she had achieved a lot during her time in WWE, winning multiple Championship golds. However, she wanted to make changes. She explained that she desired to experience everything in her career.

Bayley, the current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion said, “Everyone second-guessed things, especially for me because I was doing that Bayley character for 7 years and it brought me so much success. But it was not something I wanted to do forever. I want to experience everything in my career.”

You love to prove people wrong: Bayley's motivation behind her success - THE SPORTS ROOM

Bayley recalled Vince McMahon’s blessing being with her for the change. She needed to make the heel turn and revamped persona work.

She said, “I want to ride the wave and do all sorts of things. I knew I couldn’t do it being that one character. Honestly, once I had the company’s blessing and Vince’s blessing, I knew I had to make it work. I had to make it work because it was my decision. If I failed then I failed myself and I failed the company.”

Bayley said that she found her motivation when people did not believe her for her steps. She claims that people not believing her, helped her find the encouragement to make the decision and work it out. She also said she loved to prove her doubters wrong.

You love to prove people wrong: Bayley's motivation behind her success - THE SPORTS ROOM

She said, “I definitely think people not believing in me helps because you love to prove people wrong. It helps on screen as well because then I’m not doing it for them, I’m doing it for me.”

Bayley is set to defend her WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship title against Sasha Banks in a ‘Hell in a Cell match’ at Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

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