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Batista offers $20K award to anyone with info on “Trump Manatee” attackers

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WWE icon Batista has offered a massive $20K reward for anyone with information on the bizarre “Trump Manatee” case.



In Florida’s Homosassa River, a manatee was recently discovered to have the word “Trump” etched on it. The photos of the manatee soon became viral all over different social media platforms once Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist, shared the picture on his Twitter account. A video then became viral after getting aired on Fox 35 Orlando, a local news channel.

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Manatees are protected under US laws, and acts such as this, which implies infliction of cruelty upon the animal, can attract fine upto $50K and an one-year prison sentence.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service started acting as soon as the footage became viral. They announced that they were thoroughly investigating the incident.  Some officials, and some netizens, however, maintained that the name could be a coincidental marking caused by an Algae, as the manatee apparently did not look hurt in the footage.

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Batista is offering the aforementioned $20K reward to anyone who could bring any information about the incident.

Batista, in a furious tweet, informed that there would even be bonuses to the reward. “If there’s not already a reward for the arrest and conviction of the low life scummy MAGATs that did this I’ll throw in $20,000. And I promise there will be bonuses to that reward,” he said.

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Another reward is being awarded by Center for Biological Diversity, which stands at $5K.

“Manatees aren’t billboards, and people shouldn’t be messing with these sensitive and imperiled animals for any reason. However this political graffiti was put on this manatee, it’s a crime to interfere with these creatures, which are protected under multiple federal laws,” said Jaclyn Lopez, head of Center for Biological Diversity, Florida.

On December 9, 2019, WWE officially announced that Batista will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a part of the class of 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow the induction of Batista or other members of his class. A revised date for their induction has not yet been announced, although reports say it may happen during Wrestlemania.

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