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Alberto Del Rio sends a message to Paige

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Controversial professional wrestling personality Alberto Del Rio, multiple times World Champion, has created yet another dubious situation regarding his personal life.

Alberto Del Rio


Certain events in his personal life has led to the infamy of the man who once main evented multiple WWE pay per view shows. One of the events leading to his infamy has been his relationship with fellow professional wrestler Paige, one that ended on a bitter note.

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The duo started their relationship in 2016. Their engagement was memorable, with Paige asking him for it following has match with former WWE United States Champion Carlito at an event of Carlos Colon’s World Wrestling Council (WWC) promotion. Del Rio agreed and the duo were engaged. However, he was still legally married to his Mexican wife Angela, with whom he was undergoing a tense divorce dispute.

His relationship with Paige also soured before long. It attracted some media attention before the duo underwent a bitter split in December 2017. Since then, both Paige and Del Rio has directed criticism towards the other over interviews.

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Alberto Del Rio, or Alberto El Patron, whichever name one calls him with, appeared on Hannibal TV and took the opportunity to send a message to the now-retired British professional wrestler.

“I said it in my interview with my great friend Hugo Savinovich, hey, we had a confidential agreement in the past for $1 million. That’s the only reason why I never did anything, never said anything, I never exposed you. I never told the truth about all your arrests for domestic violence when we were together, but please don’t mess with me again. Enough is enough. I have no intentions of… and everybody knows who I am talking about,” he said.

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“No more, no more. Enough is enough. That confidential agreement is no longer there, you breached the contract so now I can tell the truth about who was and who wasn’t arrested three different times for domestic violence, and it wasn’t me. Seven police reports for domestic violence, and it wasn’t me. They talked, they barked, they were poking and trying to make me talk, and I think they wanted to make me talk to come and collect that million dollars because when we signed that confidential agreement,” Del Rio stated, before claiming that he was the WWE Championship when the agreement was signed.

His claim went on further. According to him, he was monetarily stable while Paige did not owned a house or a car and had $60,000 to $70,000 in her bank account, informations that he did not have any idea about until he signed the paper.

Del Rio added that false stories were brought forward to the media about their life as a couple, and that multiple arrests were made during that point which they did not speak out about to protect their jobs. Fans only came to know a false, watered-down version of the story. However, if he was not allowed to keep alone, he would reveal the ‘real’ story.

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