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A Quick Guide To The Most Popular Teams In The NFL

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There is never just one popular team in the NFL. Each team’s popularity changes as the NFL money lines and spreads move in and out of favor, as the teams climb up the leaderboards, and as the players aggravate or empower a population.

But there is normally a level of consistency, as fans rarely change sides. Here are the current most popular teams.

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1. Dallas Cowboys

If you look on Facebook, the Dallas Cowboys have a ridiculous amount of fans. They rack up to a jaw-dropping 8.37 million people. If you consider the age bracket for constant Facebook users, that means that millions of early 30 to late 60-year-olds are sending a lot of their attention to their Cowboys.

It’s not just this age demographic interested in Dallas, though, as their Twitter account has 3.9 million followers, which is second only to one other team. Twitter is home to people in their teens up to their late 30s, which means, in total, the Dallas Cowboys outnumber all of the other teams! 

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You might think that these media numbers mean nothing, but the Cowboys gain a ton of venue from their franchises and stadiums, as their annual revenue is $800 million. As you will soon see, that is $300 million more than the next biggest revenue!

With so much money being spent on the Cowboys, you can see just how many people are obsessed with the team and love their players. Undoubtedly, the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL.

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2. New England Patriots

Going back to social media, the only team close to Dallas’ numbers is the New England Patriots. They can boast 4.5 million Twitter followers, which is the largest number of followers that any NFL team has. The second largest is Dallas with 0.6 million less. This gain might be small, but that doesn’t take away from their leading popularity.

When it comes to Facebook, the Patriots have a respectable 6.8 million followers.

If we look at how much the Patriots are drawing in, we can see that they have a stadium revenue of $478 million. That is $300 million less than Dallas, and yet it is still an amazing figure. From these numbers, we can see just how much the fans want to wear merchandise of and be around their favorite Patriot players.

All of this popularity has come from their largest success in recent history, with a victory streak that has continued for years. Having had the most Super Bowl wins ever is also a massive bonus.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

The dip between the Eagles and the Patriots is nothing like the dip between the Patriots and the Cowboys. Philadelphia is hot on the heels of New England’s popularity. Their 3.4 million Twitter followers are only 0.5 million shy of the most popular team in the NFL.

Looking at their annual revenue, the Eagles have a soaring $371 million coming to them annually.

Although the Eagles haven’t done the best in recent years, the 2000 movie “invincible” has memorialized the Eagle’s first Super Bowl victory and has kept new and aging fans at their seats. 

It’s media coverage like this that keeps an otherwise underdog team on the fan’s radar.

4. San Francisco 49ers

A lot of the 49er’s popularity comes from the fantastic coaching staff and their dominating quarterback, which have created a cinematic defensive line. Great skill keeps the fans watching; teams like San Francisco prove this time and time again.

They have 2.1 million Twitter followers and a slow-clap-worthy 3.81 million Facebook followers. Their franchise builds on a $374 million yearly revenue which is $3 million more than the Eagles!

5. New York Giants

The Giants have an impressive 3.71 million followers on Twitter but just 1.8 million on Facebook. The numbers are starting to dip here, but you’ll notice that their annual revenue is still high, with the other NFL team reaching $350 million annually. 


These amazingly popular teams don’t necessarily have the best Super Bowl record, but they do have the best fan interaction. It shows that scoring points isn’t the only thing the fans care about.

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