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$ 100K for a Jersey Number!!! – Stefon Diggs Will Do Anything to Get His Favourite Number at the Texans

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Star wide receiver Stefon Diggs has solidified his claim to the number 1 jersey with the Houston Texans, but it came at a hefty price. NFL Rumors (@nflrums) broke the news on Twitter, stating:

“#Texans Stefon Diggs reportedly paid Jimmie Ward around $100k for jersey #1. “

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#Texans Stefon Diggs will wear the number for Houston”

This tweet highlights the unusual transaction between Stefon Diggs and safety Jimmie Ward, previously the owner of the number 1 jersey in Houston.

Stefon Diggs

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The number 1 jersey is a coveted number in the NFL, typically reserved for quarterbacks or star players. In Houston, the number has been worn by some of the franchise’s most iconic figures, including wide receiver Andre Johnson. For Stefon Diggs, securing the number 1 signifies his status as the Texans’ new offensive focal point.

While the exact details of the transaction remain undisclosed, NFL Rumors suggest Stefon Diggs paid roughly $100,000 to acquire the number 1 jersey from Ward. This hefty sum underscores the significance players place on jersey numbers, which can represent tradition, branding, and personal identity on the field.

It’s important to note that NFL regulations typically prohibit wide receivers from wearing single-digit numbers. However, the league recently considered a rule change that would allow more flexibility in jersey number selection. Diggs’ acquisition of the number 1 could be seen as a statement, advocating for this potential rule change.

There have been other instances of NFL players paying teammates for desired jersey numbers. In 2021, Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly paid Jarvis Landry a significant sum to acquire the number 13 jersey with the Cleveland Browns. These examples highlight the lengths some players are willing to go to to secure their preferred jersey numbers.

Stefon Diggs’ acquisition of the number 1 jersey signifies his ambition and leadership role with the Texans. The hefty price tag also raises questions about the potential rule change regarding jersey numbers in the NFL. Whether this becomes a trend or remains an isolated incident, it’s a noteworthy development in the league’s ongoing evolution.

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