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What it Takes to be an NFL Referee

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The NFL is a league of rules, and the referees are charged with enforcing those rules. Some rules are strict, like the ones in an online casino. The referees have a lot on their plate, but they also have some unique responsibilities that set them apart from other jobs in sports. 

It’s not easy being an NFL referee, but it can be rewarding if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Here’s what it takes to become one of the best at your job:

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Willing to Read the Rules of Football

You need to read and understand all of the football rules. It also means understanding how the rules apply to different situations. That doesn’t mean memorizing every rule, but it does mean knowing the basics.

You should know which plays are legal and which ones aren’t. You should know the basic formations and positions of players. And you should know how each position fits into the overall scheme of the offense and defense. For example, when does a player get penalized for touching another player?

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What about when a team commits pass interference or illegal contact against another team? These are just two examples of questions that will help you better understand the game of football.

The best way to learn these rules is by reading the rule book. You’ll find this rulebook on the official website of the National Football League (NFL). This is where you’ll find the rulebook for every single play during a game. It includes the rules for every situation that could occur during a game.

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Having a Strong Work Ethic

Referees are expected to do more than watch the game. They are responsible for making sure everything goes according to plan. That means keeping track of the clock, calling penalties, and ensuring that the officials correctly do their jobs.

This means working hard throughout the entire day. When you first start out as a referee, you might only be assigned to games once or twice per week. But as you gain experience, you’ll likely be asked to cover multiple games each weekend. If you want to advance in the ranks, you’ll need to show that you’re willing to work hard.

Being prepared before every game

Before each game starts, you’ll need to prepare yourself mentally. You’ll need to review the previous weeks’ games so you can spot any trends. You’ll also need to look ahead to see what kind of calls you’ll need to make.

As a referee, you’ll always be under pressure. Players will try to distract you, coaches will complain about certain calls, and fans will yell at you. So you’ll need to stay calm and collected. Being ready for anything helps keep you focused.

Understanding Different Types of Players and How to Deal With Them

 NFL refs have a responsibility to understand that players are different. Some are bigger and stronger than others. Others are faster. Still, others may have a reputation for bad behavior.

That means you need to know how to handle each type of player. How do you react when a player gets too physical? What if he’s trying to intimidate you? Do you call him for unsportsmanlike conduct? Or do you let him slide because he’s not hurting anyone else?

These are just some examples of the types of things you’ll need to consider when dealing with different kinds of players. You’ll also need this knowledge when dealing with coaches, trainers, and other personnel who work with the players.

Be Flexible

As an NFL ref, you need to be flexible. Sometimes you’ll be faced with a tough decision. Other times, you’ll be able to make quick decisions based on your observations. In either case, you’ll need to act quickly without second-guessing yourself.

You’ll also need to be open-minded. As a referee, you should never close off possibilities. Instead, you should remain open to all possible outcomes. This allows you to make the right call no matter what happens.

You Need to Be Physical

The aspect of being physical refers to how strong a referee is. Note that football is a game of contact. And since referees are often involved in collisions, they need to be physically fit.

If you don’t feel comfortable tackling someone, you shouldn’t become an NFL referee. You’ll need to be able to defend yourself against players who try to hit you.

If you aren’t strong enough to take on opponents, you won’t last long as an official. The best way to get stronger is by lifting weights.

Stay Calm Under Pressure

One of the most important qualities you’ll need to develop as an NFL referee is composure. Even though you’ll face plenty of challenges during a game, you mustn’t lose control.

Instead, you need to maintain your cool. That doesn’t mean you need to be emotionless. On the contrary, you’ll need to show enthusiasm for your job. But you must avoid letting emotions affect your judgment.

When you’re facing difficult situations, you need to think logically. Don’t let your feelings cloud your mind. If you do, you might end up making mistakes.


Becoming an NFL referee takes hard work. However, once you’ve made it through training camp, you’ll find that you can enjoy your time as an official. It’s a great career choice!

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