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What is 361 Degree Shoes? Nikola Jokic Talks About His New Shoe Deal

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When a two-time NBA MVP like Nikola Jokic ditches a major brand for a lesser-known one, the basketball world takes notice. This is exactly what happened when NBA insider Harrison Wind tweeted Jokic’s comments regarding his new partnership with 361° shoes: “Nikola Jokic on signing with 361° and wearing their shoes: ‘361 showed great respect to me. They’re really an up-scaling brand. Maybe I can help them too in some way. It’s the quality of the shoe that I really like. They made a shoe that the comfort is there.'” (source: [Harrison Wind tweet])

This unexpected move begs the question: what exactly is 361° shoes, and why did Jokic choose them?

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Rising Star: Who is 361°?

Founded in 2003, 361° (pronounced “three sixty-one degrees”) is a Chinese athletic brand that has steadily grown its presence, particularly in Asia. Their core focus lies in performance footwear and apparel, with a strong emphasis on running shoes and, increasingly, basketball sneakers.

While not yet a household name globally compared to giants like Nike or Adidas, 361° has carved a niche for itself. They’re known for offering quality products at competitive prices, prioritizing innovation and functionality. This focus on performance seems to resonate with Jokic, whose unorthodox yet effective style of play prioritizes comfort on the court.

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Nikola Jokic’s Move: Respect, Quality, and Mutual Benefit

Nikola Jokić Signs Signature Shoe Deal with 361°: A Game-Changer in the Basketball World

Jokic’s decision to partner with 361° signifies a shift in priorities. Previously aligned with Nike, a major player in the athletic footwear industry, Jokic highlights different factors influencing his choice with 361°. According to the tweet, Jokic emphasizes the “great respect” shown by 361° and the “quality of the shoe” as key reasons for the partnership.

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This suggests that Nikola Jokic values a brand that prioritizes building a relationship with its athletes rather than simply relying on brand recognition. For 361°, securing Jokic’s endorsement is a massive win. His global recognition and status as a two-time NBA MVP and champion instantly elevate the brand’s credibility, particularly in international markets. Jokic acknowledges this potential, stating, “Maybe I can help them too in some way.” His star power has the potential to propel 361° to a whole new level.

The specifics of the deal remain undisclosed, but based on Jokic’s comments, it appears to be a multi-faceted partnership. We can expect to see Nikola Jokic sporting 361° shoes on the court, promoting the brand through his on-court dominance. There’s also a possibility of him participating in marketing campaigns and potentially even collaborating on a signature shoe line.

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