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Vince McMahon television series in the works

According to recent reports, a Television show featuring the life and career of WWE Owner Vince McMahon is in the works.

Vince McMahon


McMahon worked for WWE for his father as a commentator and he assumed control of the company in 1982. He essentially monopolized the professional wrestling industry across the world, created WrestleMania, not only fended off competition from World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) but bought them and now stands at the top of the professional wrestling world.

He also sporadically works as a professional wrestler and personality known by the ring name Mr. McMahon, using a gimmick based on his real-life persona. He was the broadcast color commentator and chief broadcaster until 1997, and is a two-time world champion, a Royal Rumble match winner, and has headlined multiple WWE pay-per-view events.


It seems that a scripted TV show will be created based on his career. The working title of the show is “No Chance: The Vince McMahon Story and The Rise of the New Wrestling World Order”. It will be directed by Joseph Krueger.

The casting call clearly states the series as a review retrospective instead of a movie, claiming that the series would look on each territory of the older days, who dared to oppose McMahon, named by the term “the young conqueror”. However, the series seems to not be affiliated with WWE.

It also states that while the territory system had worked well from the 1950s to the late years of the 1970s, the rise of cable television created a need for rapid change, and it was the WWE boss who was the first to have the foresight to put professional wrestling on National Television, reimagine it as sports entertainment, and therefore he emerged victorious.

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The casting call for the show states: “This isn’t a movie but a review retrospective that will dig deep in learning not only about Vince McMahon’s adversaries but how he outsmarted them all in associating USA Pro Wrestling with the World Wrestling Federation. Learn more about other noteworthy promoters who dared tried to oppose the Young Conqueror in which we will focus on each territories noteworthy plays and embarrassing mistakes made on their wrestling shows.”


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