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“That Culture Is Broken” – Video Of Kentucky Wildcats Players Engaging In Massive Brawl Is Taking Over The Internet

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The Kentucky Wildcats Football team fans repeatedly complained last season about their side not displaying adequate fighting spirit but in a recently resurfaced video, fans witnessed a bit too much fighting spirit from the Kentucky Wildcats.

The Wildcats fans expected on-field aggression from their team but instead, they were left with locker room fights and disputes. The video clearly shows the reason behind the Kentucky Wildcats’ poor performance last season. Their locker room is simply in a state of chaos and indiscipline.

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The video, which is now going viral, shows two Kentucky Wildcats players throwing punches at each other inside the locker room and the entire crowd around them seemed to enjoy the show.

The video showed Jeremy Flax, identifiable by his blue skull cap, pummeling his opponent to the ground with a suplex, as the matter was going out of hand some of the teammates around the duo tried to step in and de-escalate the situation.

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The exact timing of the incident remains unclear, but it’s apparent that the video captures an earlier altercation, as Jeremy Flax is no longer part of the team and is presently preparing for the NFL Draft.

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Kentucky Wildcats

Fans react to the brawl between two Kentucky Wildcats players.

Fans from all over social media poured in with all kinds of reactions to the video of the two Kentucky Wildcats players seeming to fight for their lives.

“Fights happen in every single locker room. Just never gets out. This obviously got leaked after guys had left program.” One fan commented.

“Mincey doin the damn thang” another Twitter User wrote.

Another fan wrote, “Culture is strong over there”.

“That culture is broken” A fan tweeted.

“Yet players want to come to us instead of you.” another replied starting a small fan war in the comment section.

Though there are many examples of such lockerroom altercations in college football, this kind of video brings in a lot of criticism and scrutiny for the team and affects the team spirit and bonding within the team greatly. The management has to be a lot more strict and should even be to the extent of fining players for such brawls and fights in the locker room.

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