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Trish Stratus Reveals She Fought At WrestleMania 39 With A “Partially Torn Hamstring”

The seven-time WWE world champion, Trish Stratus, revealed that when she had her tag team match at the most important event of the year, Wrestlemania 39, she was injured, as she had a partially torn hamstring.

There’s something about feeling at home: Trish Stratus

Stratus has been in the public eye after her return to WWE, her impact was so great that she earned the right to have a match at WrestleMania 39 alongside her then-teammate Becky Lynch.

However, Trish assured that she showed up at the mega event injured, and that no one knew, so she decided to take the risk, because according to the fighter she is what she should do.

“I had a few obstacles. I had a partially torn hamstring, by the way. Nobody knew about that. It was just like, WrestleMania, let’s just go,” Stratus said during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. “This time, I had this injury, so I was a little unsure going in, but man, there’s something about feeling at home. It’s like riding a bike, as you guys know when we get back in there, your body’s like, ‘I got this just. Just do your thing,’ and it just flows. I’ve kept my health and fitness up, and that always plays into it as well. I am good in those moments, right?”

In addition, the veteran wrestler and diva said that she usually works well under pressure and that this was a key point for her not to miss her match at Wrestlemania 39 despite her injury.

“I work well under pressure. I always feel like I have to prove myself every time I go out there, so that was like a huge driving force that drove me that night. It was going out there and showing that I belonged in that fight and that I still belong here, period,” she added.

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Stratus has started a rivalry with her former partner Becky lynch, and everything seems to indicate that they will likely face each other in a WWE premium event, which is yet to be defined.

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