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Dan Olovsky Opens Up on Whether Trevor Lawrence Deserves a Top-Tier Contract- “There’s No Way”

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In the ever-evolving landscape of NFL contracts, the spotlight now shines on Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. As he enters the fourth year of his rookie deal, discussions about a potential contract extension have intensified. However, not everyone agrees on whether Lawrence deserves top-tier compensation.

In a recent tweet by ESPN NFL, Orlovsky throws a wrench into the negotiations:

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.@danorlovsky7 doesn’t think Trevor Lawrence deserves a top-tier contract

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“There’s no way that we can sit here and say he deserves elite money right now.”

This statement has sparked debate amongst fans and analysts alike.

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The Potential is There: Trevor Lawrence’s Unfulfilled Promise


Trevor Lawrence burst onto the scene as a highly touted prospect from Clemson. His transition to the NFL hasn’t been without challenges, including turnovers. Lawrence was drafted first overall in 2021 with sky-high expectations. He possesses a rare combination of size, arm strength, and athleticism. However, his rookie season fell short of those expectations, raising questions about his immediate value on a “top-tier” contract.

Taking the Leap: Year Two is Crucial

While Lawrence flashed glimpses of brilliance in his first year, consistency remains a concern. The upcoming season will be a critical one for him. A significant leap in performance will strengthen his case for a lucrative contract extension.

Earning His Stripes: The Quarterback Market

The quarterback position is the most valuable in the NFL, and elite quarterbacks command top dollar. However, young quarterbacks like Lawrence haven’t yet proven themselves as consistent game-changers. He’ll need to establish himself amongst the league’s elite before warranting a contract in that top tier.

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