Torrie Wilson reveals how WWE buying out WCW redeemed her career

Torrie Wilson
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Torrie Wilson, the former WWE star joined this week’s edition of WWE The Bump which mainly highlighted on 20th anniversary of WCW being bought out by WWE. She went on to reveal how she felt when WCW was announced to be bought out by rival, WWE.

Torrie Wilson says it saved her

Torrie Wilson

The Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE were one of the greatest rivalries in the pro-wrestling industry and the rivalry between the two companies continued with the Invasion angle back in 2001. Torrie Wilson who had left WCW before its dissolution and joined WWE revealed that the whole buying out of WWE had helped her in her career.

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Wilson began her her wrestling career when she had attended a WCW show with her boyfriend back in 1999. She had gone backstage where she was asked to walk out to the ring with Scott Steiner and later WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash expressed an interest in doing a storyline with her.

She made her debut as “Samantha” on the February 11, 1999 edition of Thunder. During the interview, she revealed that the contract negotiation with the promotion did not go through and thus she decided to part ways.

Torrie Wilson said: “It kind of saved me when WWE bought out WCW. I actually left WCW right before it got bought out. It kind of fell apart. We had been negotiating a contract, and I just decided, ‘Ok. I don’t think this is going to work out.’ So, I thought the wrestling thing [for me] was over.”

She said that alongside her, the veteran commentator who is currently signed with AEW was also excited to become a part of WWE.

She said: “By that time, of course, I was dating a wrestler, so I was still in there whether I liked it or not. Him and I both had meetings with Jim Ross. Then, Jim Ross, of course, got me all excited about joining the WWE, and the rest was history.”

When she switched from WCW to WWE in 2001, her career peaked in the women’s division. She was part of the Divas Era but she is one of the stars to spark the light of what is known as the Women’s Revolution. Recently, Wilson participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble match being as the 17th entrant but was eliminated by Shayna Baszler.