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Top 5 most profitable Esports games

Esports is an entertainment industry that continues to grow and attract more and more people around the world. This sport, which includes computer game competitions, is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people. Today we will look at the Top 5 most profitable esports games.

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What is esports and why is it popular

Esports is a form of competitive activity in which participants use computers and other electronic devices to play video games. This branch of entertainment is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and attracts many people of all ages.

Esports is popular because of the opportunity to win money, a wide audience, intense and dynamic gameplay, a unique and exciting game concept, and the ability to compete internationally.

League of Legends

MOBA League of Legends took first place among the most popular esports games of the past year. In total, the game’s tournaments accounted for over 617 million hours watched, down 7% from 2021. The most popular tournament in the game from Riot Games was the 2022 World Championship, which managed to set a new record for peak online. During the final, the broadcast was watched by more than 5 million viewers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Second place went to Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Users have accumulated more than 448 million hours of views in total. The indicator increased by 8.5% compared to 2021. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 turned out to be the most popular tournament. At the same time, other major competitions were not far behind.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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In third place was the mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with 331 million tournament hours watched. Experts recorded a drop in indicators by 14.4%. Also in 2022, some major tournaments had to be postponed to the next year, and because of this, the performance was lower than expected.

Dota 2

Dota 2 from Valve this year did not enter the top three and took 4th place with 313 million hours of views. In 2022, just like in previous years, The International became the most-watched tournament. It is noteworthy that for 10 years the event has not been able to break its own records in terms of prize funds and views. Overall Dota 2 performance fell by 10% last year.Top 5 most profitable Esports games


For the first time ever, the Valorant shooter from Riot Games has risen to fifth place. Views of the game grew by 33% to over 283 million hours watched. Also, during the Valorant Champions 2022 championship in Istanbul, it was possible to set a record for peak online at 1.5 million viewers. In 2023, Riot Games launched playable leagues in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, which should boost Valorant’s numbers this year.


In conclusion, we can say that esports continues to grow and attract more and more people around the world. The games we have reviewed are the most profitable in the esports industry, and each of them has its own uniqueness and features. The amount of prizes in tournaments for these games is growing every year, and this indicates that eSports is becoming a more and more serious entertainment industry.

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