Tony Khan reflects on the successful debut of AEW Rampage

Tony Khan AEW Rampage
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AEW President Tony Khan had promised to deliver the best one-hour wrestling TV show with AEW Rampage and he surpassed the expectations of the fans with the successful launch of the show. Following the conclusion of the show, Khan joined Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and shared his thoughts on the show.

Tony Khan sheds praise on the successful launch of AEW Rampage

Tony Khan AEW Rampage

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After a long wait, the fans were finally able to get the taste of another AEW’s star-studded wrestling show, AEW Rampage that took place last night at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The show saw three huge championship matches and in the opening contest, the Impact World Championship changed hands as Christian Cage defeated Kenny Omega in a high-intensity battle.

Speaking about the show, Tony Khan believes it was a great show ‘one of the biggest nights in the history of the company’.

He said: “We needed to hit a home run, and we did. Everyone across the board, including production and staff, did a tremendous job.”

Tony Khan is excited for AEW Rampage going forward

Khan noted he wanted to go in “as hot as possible” with the first show on TNT. He also highlighted that fans should know what to expect at next week’s Rampage at the United Center in Chicago, that being the return of CM Punk to pro-wrestling and AEW debut.

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Tony Khan said: “Tonight was all about showing fans the top stars of AEW, ones that are becoming mainstream names in wrestling and even outside of it, too. This is the perfect time to launch Rampage, and I wanted to go in as hot as possible. Next week’s Rampage is ‘The First Dance’ and I think everyone knows what to expect — and everyone is very excited.” 

He had added: “‘The First Dance’ is going to be a one-time, historic wrestling television event.”

Tony Khan reflects on the successful debut of AEW Rampage - THE SPORTS ROOM

The night saw another special moment when Tony Khan himself walked out with Inner Circle member, Sammy Guevara and handed him a contract. It was eventually revealed that Fuego Del Sol, who had an unsuccessful shot at Miro’s TNT title on the show, was offered an AEW contract.

Khan said that it was ‘a complete shoot’ and Del Sol was not aware of that segment. Overall, the show turned out to be special in every sense, and more exciting things are expected in the upcoming weeks.