Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack- 3 RETRIBUTION members receive names on RAW

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On the latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, three names of members of the RETRIBUTION have been revealed as they finally made their in-ring debut after months of creating chaos.

RETRIBUTION members receive names

Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack- 3 RETRIBUTION members receive names on RAW - THE SPORTS ROOM

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The September 21 episode of Monday Night Raw featured RETRIBUTION stable in the opening segment of the show.

They wore masks and stormed to the ring. Three males and 2 females make up the RETRIBUTION faction. Dominik Dijakovic, Dio Maddin, Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez and Shane Thorne are apparently the core members.

It was announced that they have signed an official contract with WWE. Mia Yim told the WWE management that, if they thought they were safe because they gave RETRIBUTION the contracts, then they should rethink.


She said, “We are done getting stepped on so we can get some imaginary brass ring.”

Dominik Dijakovic said, “We are here to destroy WWE and rebuild it in the image of RETRIBUTION.”

They would “drain the lifeblood of this company in the WWE Superstars.” He then stated that they would make the WWE stars pay because they are the “judge, jury, and executioners.”

The Hurt Business- MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and the newest member, Cedric Alexander interrupted them as they made their way to the ring.

Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack- 3 RETRIBUTION members receive names on RAW - THE SPORTS ROOM

The newly added faction of Raw quickly left the ring. MVP then challenged them to a match for tonight. But then, they were attacked and several other members turned up as the situation became 15-on-4 for The Hurt Business.

The main event saw six-man tag-team bout between Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander and Bobby Lashley who represented The Hurt Business and the members of RETRIBUTION as the names were revealed to be Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack.

Bobby Lashley had applied The Hurt Lock on Slapjack but T-bar’s cheap shot to Lashley gave The Hurt Business the win by disqualification.

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Once again, many members of RETRIBUTION showed up and created chaos, beating up The Hurt Business.

But, the whole locker room of WWE stars led by the WWE Champion, Drew Mcintyre rushed to the ring and wiped out RETRIBUTION.


Randy Orton then ambushed Drew Mcintyre with an RKO out of nowhere and attacked him for the second time in the show.

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