Steve Austin feels Randy Orton is being the best version of himself right now

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Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WWE legend recently joined Ryan Satin of FOX Sports for an interview where he had spoken about the former WWE Champion, Randy Orton and lauded The Viper and also praised his current run with the newest version of him which is more fierce, brutal and merciless.

He’s nailing it all: Steve Austin

During the interview, the former WWE star said that this currrent version of Randy Orton is the best he has ever seen.

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Steve Austin

Orton has always been a great athlete inside the squared circle but also portrays some great gimmicks one of which is the heel version of the Apex Predator that is bound for success and it is evident from his current runn the in company.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is one of the greatest heels in the WWE history reflected on Orton’s current stint as a heel and also praised The Viper for his work which is the best of his career.

Austin said: “He’s grown into it. He’s grown into it, Ryan, I agree. He’s always been good in the ring. But, I feel now, his character work and his promos, is off the charts. His work has always been there. But, now, he’s nailing it all.”

Steve Austin feels Randy Orton is being the best version of himself right now - THE SPORTS ROOM

Steve Austin comments on Orton’s involvement on Raw Legends Night

Randy Orton was witness on multiple instances on this week’s Legends Night edition of Monday Night Raw where he had altercations with the legends he had put over with the deadliest three letters of the entire sports entertainment- ‘RKO’.

He was also featured in a match with Jeff Hardy and it was a gruesome match and there was a spot where The Viper worked Hardy’s arm. Steve Austin also reflected on that.

He said: “The promos that he was cutting on the legends, the actions, the match with Jeff Hardy where he’s working that arm. Slow, methodical, vicious. He’s so dialed in right now. This is the best Randy Orton we’ve ever seen.”

WWE Rumours: Plans for Randy Orton after Extreme Rules 2020 revealed

Randy Orton will go down in the history as one of the top heels of the company. He ended 2020 on a high note after he won against ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt in the first-ever brutal Firefly Inferno Match at TLC pay-per-view.

The match saw a horrific ending as Orton lighted Wyatt on fire in the middle of the ring to be declared as the winner of the bout.

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