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Sport Stars that Love Slots

Just like there are plenty of people in your life who simply cannot get enough of slots and other casino games, this is also the case in the celebrity world as well. For many reasons, a big percentage of these people come from the world of sports. There is something about the competitive elements that draw them in straight away. For this reason, you often find them taking part on the poker tables, but they also love games of chance like slots. At the same time, there are some sporting stars that have become legendary for their love of slots and casino games. It is going to be these ones that are the focus of the following blog post. You may already have known that some of them loved these activities, but there may be others that turn up as a total surprise to you.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

As one of the highest-paid sporting stars on the planet, you can guarantee that Floyd Mayweather Jr has the bankroll behind him to be able to compete alongside the high rollers in casinos all over the world. The boxing champion continues to come out of official retirement from time to time in order to test himself against MMA fighters and kickboxers alike. He often shares details of his best wins and achievements via his social media channels, which ensures that his biggest fans can follow him in this area of his life as well. Some people may want to play real money online slots as a way of being able to emulate him in a small way.

Wayne Rooney 

The English soccer superstar is also known for his love of gaming and casinos. As well as breaking the all-time record goal-scoring record for his country, he has also competed for major teams, including Manchester United and LA Galaxy. At the same time, he is particularly renowned for his love of horse racing events, often putting huge sums of money down. It is more than possible that thrill of slots also appeal to him at the same time.

Michael Jordan 

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For anybody who watched the incredible Last Dance documentary on Netflix, it was more than clear that the legendary Michael Jordan was also a major fan of gambling. In fact, it was commonplace for him to put bets on anything and everything against his teammates. There were also high roller games of poker that took place on a regular basis. At the same time, it was clear that he was a lover of the casino as well.

These three sporting stars stand out for their love of sports and gaming, but there is no doubt that there are others that stand alongside them. Again, as mentioned at the beginning of the blog post, there is no doubt that there is something in the appeal of attempting to be number one and taking down all of the rest of your opponents out there, as well as a killer instinct.

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