Skyler Badillo, ex-NYCFC intern details the allegations against David Villa of sexual misconduct

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Skyler Badillo, ex-intern at Major League Soccer (MLS) side New York City FC has accused the club’s former player, David Villa of harassing her sexually during her time in the club.

David Villa had allegedly touched Skyler Badillo inappropriately

Skyler Badillo had joined MLS side, New York City FC to work with the training staff as a part of her college degree. She accused the former Barcelona player to have repeatedly told her that he loved her while touched her inappropriately.

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Badillo being a twenty-year-old at that time was not eligible to consume alcohol but she claimed that Villa offered her alcohol and wanted her to join him at a party.

During a recent interview, she opened up on the incidents that she claims to have experienced during her time at the club.

Skyler Badillo said, “He[David Villa] started asking me what kind of alcohol I drink, which … I was 20 years old at the time. I was like ‘I don’t really drink.’”

“He was asking ‘well, what kind of alcohol should I buy’ so that I would come to his apartment for a party.”

She also claimed the NYC FC assistant trainer Melvyn Pamplona did not protest against those behaviours.

Skyler Badillo recalled, “I looked at Melvyn and said ‘I don’t think this is a good conversation to be having,’ sort of hoping that he would help me out. And his response was just [to say] ‘well it was just a question.’”

The former Atletico Madrid player, David Villa had his stint at the MLS side from 2014 to 2018. His spokeperson said that all the allegations that were made of inappropriate behaviour were not true.

The MLS said: “The allegations made during the course of the investigation were that a small number of players and staff did not act in accordance with the club’s standards in their interactions with the intern and with other club staff.”

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“Unnecessary physical contact, teasing, and comments regarding clothing and appearance” were the allegations and the club has marked these actions to be inappropriate and unacceptable.

The club said that it “is implementing a series of changes within the organization aimed at ensuring that such behavior does not occur in the future”.

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