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Boxer Shannon Courtenay Reveals She Hid Injuries To Get On Celeb SAS & Underwent 2 Operation After The Show

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Professional British boxer Shannon Courtenay disclosed that she had hidden the truth about her physical condition before getting into Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. Yet she mentioned it has been a ‘life-changing’ experience for her.

Shannon Courtenay had ACL and meniscus injury during Celebrity SAS

The 29-year-old professional boxer succored the injuries in the ring prior to filming though concealing her suffering from the former special forces staff.

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As per The Sun, she told: “I didn’t tell anyone, any of the producers, but I went in with a ruptured ACL and a torn meniscus. So I wore a strap on my knee under my trousers that no one knew about.”

“I had to have two operations since the show but I was in agony the whole time I was filming. I told the producers I had a niggle in my knee. I never told them what the problem was.”

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“It wasn’t until after the show they actually asked me and then obviously I had the operations and they were like ‘you idiot why did you do the show with that wrong with your leg’. They said to me you should have not done the show,” she added.

She denied thinking about quitting in spite of feeling “so broken” and “like a zombie” she said.

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The former bantamweight champ has afflicted nine professional wins. Before the show, she made a promise to herself that she would not use her fists in the milling task. Followed by picking out reality  TV veteran Calum, 41 she was true to her word.

In reality, Shannon took it on the chin without giving any back as Calum reluctantly dished out shots. While speaking after the show launch, she said: “As for the milling I said from day one if I had to do that task I wasn’t going to hit anybody and I stuck to my guns and I’m so glad I did.”

“You know this whole SAS show it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so you know the first two tasks I didn’t do great in but tune in next week to see how I get on.”

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